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Why Us

The order process must need the required strength (material grade), corrosion factors (protective coatings), head type and thread form fit. That’s the reason for choosing Tengri Fasteners. 

Source of many different materials and coatings and our experience makes feel to get assured product that we give full support through our extensive knowledge and long-term supply partners. The below services which we follow help us to maintain good customer rapport and confidence in our products.

•     Content Accuracy 
Our current customers demand 100% accuracy, and we strive to deliver. 
•     Cost Savings
  Automated bagging decreases the labor and the overall cost. 
•     Simplified Purchasing 
  If you choose, we can purchase and stock the individual components. 
•     Different Inventory programs
  • Consignment                                                   • KanBan
• VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory                       • JIT - "Just In Time" Inventory
• U-Scan It Inventory                                           • EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

We would like the opportunity to serve your company and develop a business relationship that will endure, as well as help you succeed at the very important task of better serving your customers.

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